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Pregnancy Pains

If you’ve ever thought about being pregnant or you have been pregnant, it’s crazy what your body goes through.

Bringing a baby into this world is nothing short of miraculous and extraordinary, especially the stress that it puts on your body.

All kinds of hormone, diet, and sleep changes take place.

Today I want to talk to you more about the muscle and postural changes that you see when you’re pregnant.

When you’re growing and carrying a baby it’s very easy to start to arch your back.

That is when you start to experience a lot of lower back pain.

This leads to muscle spasms, soreness, irritability, and it can also lead to long-term posture changes.

With chiropractic adjustments, we’re able to help the muscles to relax and help your baby get into a more ideal position for birth so that you can have an easier pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Additionally, an adjusted nervous system helps the body to better respond to stress, diet, and the hormone changes that will take place over the next few months and once that beautiful baby gets here.

Me, myself, I was able to work 40 full weeks while carrying my sweet daughter Hazel.

I would have never been able to do that without getting adjusted every single week.

If you would like to learn more about how chiropractic care can help you while you’re pregnant and with your postpartum recovery, give us a call or check out our website at

Thank you for reading.

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