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New Patients

If you’re new to our office, you want to know what to expect. Know that we’re here to make sure that your visits are focused on your goals. We’ll get you in and out as quickly as we can while still thoroughly addressing all of your concerns. Our friendly staff will greet you the moment you step in and get you set up with the necessary paperwork.

Please be sure to bring your insurance card to your first appointment.

Getting Started

At your initial appointment, you’ll sit down with Dr. Nikki to have a consultation. We’ll learn more about you and what’s brought you in. Your health history and current problems will be discussed. Then, we’ll perform an examination, which includes X-rays if necessary. You’ll then be scheduled for a second appointment, giving Dr. Nikki time to study your individual exam results.

Your second appointment involves a full report of findings. Dr. Nikki will tell you what to expect in the future and how long it’ll take to see results. We’ll also go over all financial aspects of your visits.

The first and second appointments both take about 45 minutes. Your follow-ups will be much shorter in duration, usually taking about 10 minutes.

Insurance is Accepted

We accept insurance and are in-network with some plans, including Medicare. Contact Chiropractic Connection now!

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