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Hey Doctor, What Did I Do?

Often people will come in and tell me, “It happened all of a sudden,” when describing the pain that they’re in.

Fun fact, you guys — injuries do not happen overnight, and they definitely don’t happen all of a sudden.

Less than 10% of your nerves feel pain, so we really don’t even feel issues until they’re already a big one. Picking up a kid, stepping off a curb, or getting into the car doesn’t throw your back out.

It happens over years of bad posture, bad movement, and a build up of patterns within the muscles.

If you’re struggling with throwing your back out, an emergency chiropractor will not fix this.

Neither will a medication or a fancy new chair.

That’s why our adjustments focused on the cause of pain and why so many of our patients stay with us beyond once they’re feeling better, into wellness care.

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