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To get rid of headaches, you need to understand them.

First of all, they are not normal.

More than just two headaches per year is a sign that something is wrong.

Many of our patients say that they have one to two a week before they ever do anything about them and come to see us.

Different types of headaches can be caused by stress, dehydration, muscle tightness, and even a lack of sleep.

Unfortunately, no amount of over-the-counter pills, blacked-out rooms, or hours of sleeping will fix the cause of your headaches.

I became a chiropractor myself because I suffered from headaches as a teenager, and chiropractic was the only thing that helped me.

95% of headaches are caused by tension in the upper back and the neck.

Chiropractic adjustments help fix and maintain posture, relieve muscle tension, alleviate stress, improve your sleep quality, and help your nervous system to respond faster.

That’s why hundreds of people in Gulf Shores have seen us help them with their chronic headaches.

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